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Photos, videos, etc. What's what from Adobe Stock

Photos, videos, etc.  What's what from Adobe Stock You need images, diagrams or videos for a newsletter, social media or website?

Although not the only resource for these Adobe Stock is one of the largest collections and you don't need to be an Adobe application user to access them.  A number of enquries to us in the last few weeks prompted us to summarise your options.

There are two ways you can purchase Adobe Stock (beyond making a one off purchase with a credit card) and neither need you to already have an Adobe VIP agreememt:  
  1. Stock for teams a quantity of assets per month.  Unused assets in a month from the 10 and 40 assets per month plans can be rolled over to the following month and, if the subscription is renewed, rolled over to the following year.  The 750 assets per month plan does not roll over at all, neither monthly nor to the following year.
  2. Credit Pack for teams a quantity of credits.  (If you've got a VIP agreement they do not follow your VIP year).  Credit Packs last 365 days from the date of purchase.  Unused credits at the end of the 365 days are lost.

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