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Start Plastic Tubes

3Doodler EDU Bundle : Aqua Mint 100
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Start Plastic Tubes

100 Strands in a tube. (START ONLY)

Minimum order for Color tubes or Plastic tubes is 3 tubes. Delivery is £10.95+ VAT per order for pens or any quantity of tubes.

Only Compatible With 3Doodler Start 3D Pen. No Mess: Easy Clean Up And Safe To Doodle On Almost Any Material Without Damage, Also Compatible With Lego. 100 Strands Per Tube  

The world's first and No. 1 best-selling 3D Pen: 3Doodler works by extruding heated plastic that cools and hardens instantly, allowing you to literally draw in the air. Completely safe and easy to use.

Learning in a new dimension: 3Doodler Is a creative tool that enables students to learn and explore principles of Art & Design, Science, Maths, Engineering, and other subjects in fun and engaging ways.

Bundles built for learning: Outfit an entire classroom with 3Doodler pens & accessories. Designed for Educational Institutions, 3Doodler Edu Bundles are the ideal complement for stem subjects. Free learning content and resources: The growing collection of Projects, Lesson Plans, Curricular Materials, and Design Challenges are available for free and downloadable in multiple formats.

3Doodler EDU Bundle  Price   
Aqua Mint 100  13.51 Details Buy
Baby Blue (Pastel Blue)  13.51 Details Buy
Baby Pink (Pastel Pink)  13.51 Details Buy
Beige (Cappuccino)  13.51 Details Buy
Black (Charcoal Black)  13.51 Details Buy
Brown (Coco Brown)  13.51 Details Buy
Cherry Red 100  13.51 Details Buy
Ghostly Glow 100  15.01 Details Buy
Koala Gray 100  13.51 Details Buy
Lemon Zest 100  13.51 Details Buy
Ocean Blue 100  13.51 Details Buy
Peach (Peaches & Cream)  13.51 Details Buy
Purple (Punkstar Purple)  13.51 Details Buy
Simply White 100  13.51 Details Buy
Spring Green 100  13.51 Details Buy
Tangerine Tang 100  13.51 Details Buy
Teal (Terrific Teal)  13.51 Details Buy