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Sonocent Audio Notetaker Single User

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Sonocent Audio Notetaker Single User
Sonocent Audio Notetaker 4 Single User
Sonocent Audio Notetaker is a new and unique software package to help with navigating, annotating and organising digital recordings.

Working with long audio recordings can be hard and taking written notes in lectures, meetings and interviews can be distracting, impractical or simply impossible. Audio Notetaker makes both working with audio recordings and taking notes easy. Audio Notetaker displays audio phrases as coloured bars, offering a visualisation of your recorded audio. It works with audio:
•recorded using a digital recorder
•recorded directly into Audio Notetaker
•downloaded from the internet
Audio Notetaker can benefit anyone who records audio or listens to audio recordings. Whether you are a student recording lectures, a professional making recordings of meetings or interviews at work, or someone who just wants a better way to listen to podcasts, Audio Notetaker makes recording, navigating, annotating and organizing audio effortless. It is currently used by journalists, students, lawyers, assessors, language teachers, people with disabilities, financial advisors, qualitative researchers and others.

The aim of the Audio Notetaker software is to introduce new techniques to make voice recordings far more accessible and, by doing so, enormously more productive.

With Audio Notetaker you can see a visual representation of what you are listening to, and you have the tools at your fingertips to quickly review, identify and reference key sections of speech to support your research and editorial work.

There are so many opportunities to use Audio Notetaker: to help you develop and structure your writing, to transcribe recordings, to keep a record of important meetings, or to compile reports.