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Sibelius Ultimate Education License 1-Year Software Updates & Support Plan RENEWAL

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Sibelius Ultimate Education License 1-Year Software Updates & Support Plan RENEWAL
For Education: Schools, Colleges, Universities, Students and Teachers.
(Some charitable organisations may qualify for education pricing. Please contact Entec).

(Sibelius Ultimate used to be known as Sibelius)

More composers, arrangers, publishers, and educators use Sibelius, the world’s best-selling music notation software, than any other notation software. With easy-to-use tools and Cloud Sharing features it’s easy to create, arrange, print and share your compositions.

Subscription & Perpetual licenses available:
  • Individual 
  • Updates & Support renewals - this license
  • Upgrades
  • Multiseat for education institutions

Subscription licenses automatically include Updates and Support.
Perpetual licenses include 1 Year of Updates and Support.
At the end of the year Updates and Support can be renewed. If not renewed you can continue to use the latest version you received at the end of the year. You will not be able to use a software version that was released afterwards or access Support.

Eligibility for education pricingYou can check eligibility at: and contact Entec if you have queries.

Multiseat Licenses are also available for education institutions with 3 options:
Standalone (being discontinued 30 Sep 2023):
  • Ideal for individual activations on machines.
  • Using a centralised License Server application on a school server administrators can install Sibelius on multiple computers (more than your number of licenses) and activate licenses any connected to your network. It allows one license on your server to control deployment across your entire network and, with Classroom Control features, managing students’ files and machines is easy. Users can check out a license (e.g. for holidays) to run off the network.
  • Classroom Control enables you to freeze/unfreeze student’s workstations, get scores from a workstation or send a score to one or more copies of Sibelius on the network.
  • Music created anywhere can be edited and reviewed by anyone, anywhere and learning can be done in classrooms or remotely.
Teams – NEW to Education:
  • Team licensing is an easy way to deploy and manage licenses for students and teachers across their own devices or school computers. Using the Admin Console you can assign and unassign licenses when students or staff join or leave and they can have Sibelius Ultimate on any of their personal devices or school use computers.
  • Administrators set up Users with only the user’s name and email address (can be batch processed using CSV upload). Each User gets an invitation to create a MyAvid account and redeem a license for Sibelius Ultimate and is then provided with the downloads and entitlement to use Sibelius on any of their devices: Windows, Mac, iPhone or iPad (Android and Chromebook support coming soon).

Avid has a series of 5 videos for customers new to Sibelius. These videos are free of charge and cover:
Fundamentals, Setup and navigation, Notations and text, Layout and transposition, Parts and export and printinghttps:

Avidhas a set of 8 videos providing over 60 minutes product training especially for educators on how to use Sibelius in a classroom environment:

What may be best for you suggestions:
New Schools
Hybrid learning setup, both types of licenses:
  • a network license that covers the physical computers at school
  • a team license that covers the number of students and staff needing Sibelius Ultimate
Completely remote, or phones and tablets only:
  • a team license that covers the number of students and staff needing Sibelius Ultimate
For existing perpetual license holders
Stay current with an Updates & Support plan for £27.84/seat/year
Move over to:
  • a new network subscription for classroom use
  • a team license subscription for staff and students
For existing Multiseat subscription license holders
Benefit from new pricing at next renewal:
  • Now half the price!
Supplement overall license with:
  • a new team license for hybrid approach