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For Education: Schools, Colleges, Universities, Students and Teachers.

Avid offer a variety of licenses: perpetual licenses and subscriptions, single seat licenses for professionals or teachers/students and multi-seat licenses for institutions.

Single seat licenses are registered to individuals and according to Avid guidelines - you can only register 1 license per person and year.

There are 2 options for Sibelius multi-seat licenses:

Stand Alone:  Each computer needs to be connected to the internet to unlock the software, a serial number is good for the number of activations defined in the license.  Great for decentralized environments.

Networked:  You install the license server on 1 computer in the network and Sibelius on the workstations.  You can then power up the number of computers with Sibelius which are defined in the license.  You donít have to worry about broken computers or hard drives or old machines where Sibelius was installed before.  There are a couple of additional benefits: during holiday season you can check out a seat and give it to students or teachers to work at home for a period of time (days, weeks or months).  The teacher can also use Classroom Control to freeze/unfreeze the studentís workstations, get scores from a workstation or send a score to one or more copies of Sibelius on the network.  Great for facilities.

Any new license includes a Software Upgrades and Support Plan for 1 year giving you access to the latest feature releases and bugfixes and help provided by Avidís Customer Care Team if needed.  At the end of the first year you can renew that service.  If not renewed, you can continue to use the latest version you received at the end of the first year but you wonít be able to use a software version that was released afterwards.

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