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ScreenBeam 1000 Classroom Commander

ScreenBeam : 1-10
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ScreenBeam 1000 Classroom Commander
Designed for schools requiring a high performing 4K wireless display and collaboration solution. Combining local Wi-Fi mode connectivity with industry standard Miracast, and network infrastructure connectivity or network bridge functionality, delivers unparalleled deployment options for teacher and student wireless presentations.
New features and enhancements: Display Sharing Mode - Options for how ScreenBeam should behave Single (default) - ScreenBeam supports only 1 connection at a time. The first Miracast device to connect will have full ownership of the display. Quick Switch - ScreenBeam supports only 1 connection at a time. However, other Miracast device in the same room could connect and take over the session. Multi-View - ScreenBeam supports up to 4 simultaneous Miracast connections and display them all in one screen. Supports HDMI-CEC Option to disable/enable Miracast support Option to hide/show the ""Connect to WiFi"" instruction message

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