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Read&Write Gold v10

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Read&Write Gold v10Helping All Readers and Writers SucceedRead&Write Gold is an easy-to-use toolbar containing support tools to make reading, writing and research easier for you. The software was designed to address some of the issues that people with dyslexia face daily, namely reading difficulties, writing difficulties, problems with spelling and general literacy support.Read&Write Gold is also a popular solution for exam access arrangements, as it can be used as a computer reader. Read more about how the software is ideal for use in GCSE's and A-Levels.Schools, Colleges, Universities, Corporates and individual users are choosing this literacy support software to help every user learn independently. They are implementing Read&Write Gold throughout their organisation to provide access for all.Screenshot Reader reading aloud inaccessible text found in Flash.Read&Write Gold enables teachers, employers and parents to provide extra support for their students, employees and children who have reading and writing difficulties, dyslexia, or English as an additional language, whilst also encouraging their independence.AvailabilityRead and Write Mobile DeviceFlexible deployment and licensing options are available. Read&Write Gold can be purchased on a disk, on a USB drive or as a network licence for organisations. See the Buy and Upgrade page for more detail on how to purchase.Read&Write software provides literacy support for those with:?Dyslexia?Reading difficulties?Writing difficulties?Problems with spelling