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QuarkXPress - Academic/Charity/NfP Advantage Renewal Per License - 1 Year

Years of Advantage Maintenance : 1 year Advantage Maintenance
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QuarkXPress - Academic/Charity/NfP Advantage Renewal Per License - 1 Year

Win / Mac

QuarkXPress for Education: Schools, Colleges, Universities, Students and Teachers, Charities and Not for Profit Organisations; Commercial and Private Customers.

QuarkXPress 2022 - Content Design & Digital Publishing Software

QuarkXPress Advantage Plan
If you buy a perpetual license, you have the option to also purchase a QuarkXPress Advantage Plan for ongoing software maintenance and support. These plans renew automatically on your annual renewal date and ensure that you have:
    Access to the most recent version of QuarkXPress
    Software updates and enhancements
    Responsive technical support
If you decide not to renew your QuarkXPress Advantage plan, you will not receive updates or have access to free technical support. However, you will always own the last version of the software you downloaded while your Advantage Plan was active.


Years of Advantage Maintenance  Price   
1 year Advantage Maintenance  195.50 Details Buy
2 years Advantage Maintenance  391.89 Details Buy
3 years Advantage Maintenance  587.39 Details Buy