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For Education: Schools, Colleges, Universities, Students and Teachers; Charities and Not for Profit Organisations

Licensing Options and Who Qualifies:

Education/Not for Profit /Charity individual single licenses Are available for Mac (v13) and Windows (2021) as perpetual or annual subscription licenses.

Volume licenses Are also available as annual subscriptions. See below to order or contact [email protected] for further information.

Managing MindManager licenses

You can now install and manage licenses using the MindManager License Server (applies to perpetual or subscription licenses from Autumn2020). Although more likely to be useful if you have or need to administer a number of licenses you can use the facility for just one.

MindManager has a handy 7 minute video explaining what’s possible and how to do things:


Subscription Licenses – adding during your year

If you have subscription licenses you can add more licensesduring the year and the cost will be proportional to the number of months untilyour anniversary. For example:

If you subscribed to 20 licenses on 1 May the cost (for 12months) would be 20 x £41 = £820 + VAT.If you added 5 licenses in September the cost until 30 April thefollowing year would be 5 x £32.67 + VAT.

Upgrade Protection Plan - Annual  subscription 


Allows customers to get all product upgrades (new versions)  for 1 year as MindManager release them (usually annually) plus technical support for 1 year ( Windows & Mac) 
Can be purchased only at the same time as a single license.  It is not a standalone product (except when purchased as a renewal)
Please be advised that subscription products have auto-renewal terms for the customers 

Co-Editing Service 
From 1 July 2021 the Co-Editing Service will only be available as part of the subscription license facilities.  The last order date for customers with perpetual licenses who require the optional annual Co-Editing Service will be 30 June 2021.
Customers with a perpetual license who require the Co-Editing Service (and by necessity also had a UPP) may wish to consider adding a subscription license instead as this provides both Co-Editing and UPP for an annual cost of £49.  This compares with total annual cost of £41.25 for the Co-Editing Service and Upgrade Protection Plan.  Alternatively you may to switch to the subscription license.


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