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For Education: Schools, Colleges, Universities, Students and Teachers; Charities and Not for Profit Organisations

Licensing Options:
• Single subscription licenses MindManager
• Volume subscription licences of MindManager available at reduced cost.

MindManager discontinued perpetual licenses on 17 November 2021 when MindManager 2022 was released.

MindManager Academic/Charity/NfP Organisations Subscription License
This license is the same as the commercial MindManager Enterprise license. It includes:
• MindManager for Windows: Simplifies the way you process and manage information. Native integration with SharePoint included.
• MindManager for Mac: Designed from the ground up to provide essential MindManager functions to Mac users.
• MindManager for Microsoft Teams(i): Collaborate in real time, manage project dashboards, and organize brainstorming sessions. MindManager: Working with Microsoft Teams (Vimeo)
• Co-Editing (i): This function promotes the real-time collaboration of several participants within the framework of secure sessions in the Cloud.
• Cloud and Mobile Services: Includes the MindManager Snap single-user and multi-user capture tool and the MindManager Go(ii) mobile viewer application.
• MindManager Server app for SharePoint: Allows all team members to open and view MindManager files stored in SharePoint.
• SharePoint Linker for Desktop: Allows you to easily query SharePoint content. MindManager Help: Working with SharePoint
• Decreasing prices depending on the number of users.
• All Updates and Upgrades whilst you subscribe.
• Unique activation key and single sign-on (SSO)
• License management (administration portal)
• Large-scale silent deployment
• Single installer for different languages
• Language selector accessible to the end user

(i) MindManager for Microsoft Teams and Co-Edition are products included as part of our subscription service. Contact us for pricing.
(ii) MindManager Go is available through Google Play and the Apple App Store. Some features and information mentioned are available exclusively in MindManager Windows.

Subscription Licenses – adding during your year

If you have subscription licenses you can add more licenses during the year and the cost will be proportional to the number of months until your anniversary. For example:

If you subscribed to 20 licenses on 1 May the cost (for 12months) would be 20 x £43.45 = £869 + VAT. If you added 5 licenses in September the cost until 30 April the following year would be 5 x £28.97 = £144.85 + VAT.

Managing MindManager licenses

You can now install and manage licenses using the MindManager License Server (applies to perpetual or subscription licenses from Autumn 2020). Although more likely to be useful if you have or need to administer a number of licenses you can use the facility for just one.

MindManager has a handy 7 minute video explaining what’s possible and how to do things:

Co-Editing Service
• From 1 July 2021 the Co-Editing Service will only be available as part of the subscription license facilities.
• Customers who require the Co-Editing Service may wish to consider switching to a subscription license for an annual cost of £52.

Who qualifies for MindManager’s educational/charity/not for profit pricing?
• Accredited public or private primary or secondary school that provides full-time education.
• Accredited public or private university or college (including sixth-form, further or higher education, and vocational colleges) that grants degrees requiring the equivalent of 2 years of full-time study.
• Full and part-time administrative staff of an educational accredited university or college, administrative office or board of education within educational institutions.
• Teaching hospital or medical training school.
• Higher education research laboratories that are a public institution and recognised by the DfES.
• Students attending an accredited public or private, primary or secondary school with valid student ID.
• Students attending an accredited public or private university or college (including sixth-form, further or higher education and medical colleges) that grants degrees requiring the equivalent of 2 years of fulltime study with a valid student ID or a student registration document.
• A non-academic and/or non-government recognised full-time teaching institution.
• Charities and Not for Profit organisations

For the Classroom
MindManager gives students and teachers a flexible way to organise, present and share information. It provides a graphical and intuitive way to capture information, plan essays and lessons, accelerate revising, and has proven to be a highly distinctive and engaging in-class teaching aid.

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