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First thoughts on seeing Maykuís vacuum forming machine was that it was really well designed, with great attention to detail (that came from my engineering background), followed by thinking what a brilliant piece of equipment for making and selling chocolates, candles or soaps and generating income for the school whilst engaging the students in STEM (that was probably from my PTA involvement).

On the bottom of the FormBox is a suction bed on which an object is placed and a plastic sheet is placed into the trays and lifted up to the heater at the top which warms softens it. A vacuum cleaner, plugged into the back of the machine is automatically triggered when the trays are brought down and this removes all the air from around the object hugging the sheet around the form whilst it hardens - almost instantly.  After the sheet it is removed from the object it can be used as an object in itself or as a mold to cast many different materials.

The Team behind Mayku have put a lot of time and effort into developing the product. Although best seen live this video gives a flavour of what it is and does:

Designed with education in mind itís caught the interest of schools who have encountered it. Itís also, I learnt from Adam and Ben when I met them at their office, come to the attention of a diverse range of industry and commerce and been purchased by (no surprise) chocolatiers and soapmakers as well as engineering and one of the top Formula One teams.

For education Mayku have put a lot of effort into providing lesson plans that can be easily fitted into the curriculum. Early adopters are being offered full lifetime access to these and with a plan to make this a subscription service later.

For secondary schools and FE Colleges Mayku offer  a free STEM Pack and other guides.  The STEM Pack includes five curriculum packs complete with 13 lesson plans for use with the Mayku FormBox.

Lesson plans have been put together by experienced design & technology teachers and includes step by step guides with images, downloads and links. Designed for students aged 11-14 and above with a focus on teaching STEM subjects through design and practical work in theclassroom and easy for a teacher to pick up and use without prior familiarity with the machine. Mayku STEM Pack PDF.

The Mayku can mould a variety of materials and the Team have successfully re-used supermarket plastic carrier bags. Spot on for being topical. Great school project. Ironing together a number to produce a thicker piece of plastic they then moulded a face mask. 

For the range please head to our online shop or call Entec on 01462 499599 or email [email protected]

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