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Ghotit School Site Licence Win / Mac 100 Computers

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Ghotit School Site Licence  Win / Mac 100 Computers


GhotitReal Writer & Reader for Windows and Mac


Ghotit Real Writer & Reader 5 helps struggling writersand readers to improve their reading and writing skills. Ghotit allows childrenand adults to better cope with their reading and writing work assignments inboth work and in school. Ghotit is ideal for people with dyslexia anddysgraphia, and have proven to dramatically improve their writing and readingcapabilities.           



DyslexiaWriting & Reading Assistant


         Word prediction, contextual & phonetic


         Quick-Spell Word-Prediction designed for phonetic writers


         Screenshot Reader to read aloud any text on thescreen


         Reader that can read out any document with dualhighlighting


         Integrated word dictionary


         US, UK, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand and SouthAfrican dictionaries


         Context and phonetic spell checker


         Grammar and punctuation checker





Ghotit Unlimited Site License


Unlimited installations licenses are available for Primaryand Secondary schools, Higher Education and Not for Profit organisations.