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Finale v26 Site License Upgrade

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Finale v26 Site License Upgrade

Finale hasalways been known as the notation software that can create anything. Today’sFinale automates many tasks, saving you time, while ensuring you retain all ofthe flexibility Finale is known for.

Now you cancreate the music of your imagination, with no compromises, more quickly thanever before. Take control of your music, your creative process, and yourlegacy.


Capturemusical inspiration. Engrave a beautiful score. Share your artistic vision withothers. Just as every musician is unique, so are the reasons each uses Finalesoftware to write music.


Finalesupports you, making it easy to create whatever music notation you can imagineand to work in the manner that best supports your creativity.


No matterwhere your inspiration leads you, from a simple lead sheet to preparing yourHollywood film score, Finale is the trusted route to the very best outputavailable.

Create your way

Finaleoffers you the freedom both of what you create and how you create it. Whetheryou’re imagining a simple lead sheet, a Broadway score, or something trulyunorthodox, you enjoy the flexibility to make your music any way you wish, andto make it in the order and manner that best supports your inspiration.


Enteringyour music in Finale sets you free. In an instant you can move measures, changekeys, and transform your music in countless ways. Finale even offers editorialinput, like indicating when notes have been written out of an instrument’srange.


Greatsounds inspire you – and your audience. Finale’s exclusive Human Playback canmake any music playback with the nuance of a human performer. Plus Finaleincludes a vast library of world-class Garritan instrument sounds for stunningrealism.


Music ismeant to be shared. As you create you can share files, back and forth, withFinale users – and others – thanks to built-in MusicXML support. When you’reready to share the results, you can make printed sheet music, audio files,pdfs, and more; whatever it takes to produce the best performance.