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Dragon Professional 16 VLA, (Education) License

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Dragon Professional 16 VLA, (Education) LicenseDragon Professional v16

Academics, students, charities and business prefer Dragon speech recognition for its speed, accuracy, specialised vocabulary and features.  Now optimised for Windows 11 and backwards compatible with Windows 10, Dragon Professional v16 takes productivity to the next level.

Education relies on document production as much as ever, but a keyboard is no longer needed. Dragon is easier for students to master, faster to use, and allows their creativity to flow.

The keyboard can be a barrier to expressing ideas - remove the barrier!
Creativity: Express ideas with your voice, donít worry about anything else.
Accessibility: Improve the quality of your writing by thinking far more about what to say.
App connectivity: Control different apps, emails, social media or Google only by voice.
Boost confidence: See ideas on the page at speed to finish essays and notes.
Reduce stress: While increase motivation while you get the work done.
Accuracy: Avoid speeling errors and enjoy doing the job properly and accurately.

Students with challenges like dyslexia, anxiety issues and physical disabilities can do their best work more easily with Dragon.

Benefits of Dragon for students and in the workplace:
Remove the barriers that disabilities can put in the way of getting things done
Regain the confidence that conditions like dyslexia or dyspraxia can affect
Reduce the impact of repetitive strain injuries without loss of productivity
Improve quality of life: Let your voice do the work

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