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CensorNet Pro On-Premise License 2.0.x

CensorNet On-Premise (price per user) : 10-30 Users
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CensorNet Pro On-Premise License 2.0.x CensorNet Professional Web Filtering SoftwareWeb content filtering for Education - Schools, Colleges, UniversitiesSchools, colleges and universities are faced with a constant battle to police large, distributed, networks where it is impossible to have a teacher or responsible person overseeing all pupil activity online.Students are notorious for finding ways to bypass school web filters and fast to share that knowledge amongst their peers. Schools have a duty of care to provide a safe Internet experience for all their pupils and staff and need to demonstrate reasonable and effective measures to control access to the Internet.Web content filtering for Charities and Not for Profit OrganisationsCharities and Not for Profit Organisations increasingly provide internet cafes, drop in centres with computers and computer training facilities and courses. Organisations have a responsibility to control access to the internet and may well not have someone designated to monitor and manage this.CensorNet Professional is an internet filtering software proxy that allows you to control web access quickly and effectively; by username, computer, web site category and time of day. Simple network integration ensures that people browsing the web are authenticated and that their activity is recorded. Flexible policies allow you to be granular about what web based content is acceptable on your network.The CensorNet Professional content filtering software can be deployed in three ways; installed onto a dedicated server that you already own, run within a virtual machine environment or purchased ready to run on a Dell server appliance. Installation takes approximately 30 minutes.CensorNet Professional Internet Control Software has an easy to use web based interface.BenefitsRapidly improve productivity by limiting personal and non-business Web browsing to outside working hours based on flexible filtering rules.Comply with BECTA, CIPA, HIPAA and the UK Pornography Laws and other guidelines to reduce business risk and liability.Improve network security by eliminating the risk of Web borne threats, such as viruses, malware, spyware and phishing sites.Improve network performance by regulating bandwidth, restricting unnecessary content types and utilising an on-disk web cacheCensorNet Professional is a BECTA accredited product and provides accurate web filtering for schools, colleges & universities.Features include accurate blocking of offensive and unsuitable websites (based on a database of 100+ million known sites and real-time raters for unknown sites), blocking anonymous proxy servers (Anonymizers), real-time Image Filtering (a requirement to comply with the Children's Internet Protection Act - CIPA), bandwidth management, scheduling, complete audit trail of user activity and much more.
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