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AVID AE-1M Earbud

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AVID AE-1M Earbud
The perfect solution for interactive audio sessions, the AE-1M earbud delivers quality sound while keeping you engaged with your surroundings.

Sometimes you need to be in two places at once and thatís where the AE-1M Earbud shines.

This design sits outside the ear to filter ambient noise, but not entirely block it.  Includes an in-line microphone, so you can take that meeting on-the-go, while never having to worry about audio quality.  Perfect for commuters, travellers and those who want to listen in, without missing out.
  • Delivers a modern, streamlined look & remarkable sound quality.
  • High-quality speakers & a built-in microphone for easy video calls & recording sessions.
  • A multi-functional audio solution at an accessible price.