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Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription Site Licenses for Schools

For primary and secondary schools and sixth form colleges Adobe offer two types of K-12 site license:

1. Creative Cloud All Apps K-12 Device License Subscription - 25 License minimum order.

2. Creative Cloud All Apps K-12 Named User License Subscription - 300 License minimum order. (This used to be 500). This license enables students or staff to work away from the school computers.

Both Named and Device K-12 licenses provide a complete set of Creative Cloud applications.

A Shared Device license is not linked to an individual and may only be installed on one device. They have access to a limited number of fonts. Ideal for use in a classroom or lab (or on office computers shared by a number of users).

A Named User license is assigned to a user and may be installed on a desktop and the same user’s laptop or staff or student’s home computer. Ideal for students, teaching and admin staff.

With both types of license the software is installed on the computer; you do not need tobe connected to the internet to use Creative Cloud applications.

(Some Adobe literature indicates a minimum order quantity of 100 for Shared Device Licenses and 500 for Named Licenses. In the UK the minimum order quantity is 25 and 300 respectively).

The overviews below contain useful information about Creative Cloud Licensing for education and the K-12 Licensing for schools

Main applications for Creative Cloud K-12 Licenses:

Adobe Acrobat Pro

Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic

Adobe After Effects

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Prelude

Adobe Animate

Adobe InCopy

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Audition

Adobe InDesign

Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Bridge

Adobe Media Encoder

Adobe Spark for Education

Adobe Character Animator

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe XD

Adobe Dimension

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom


Please see the Adobe Creative Cloud licensing overviews above for full details.

Cost comparisons
Customers subscribe to Device licenses in quantities sufficient to equip one or more classrooms.  The most common quantity purchased is 25 (the minimum order) and this costs £519.00 (25 x £20.76).  Until the arrival of Named User licenses the next most requested quantity was about 100, typically 4 classrooms and, for 100, the cost would be £2,076.00.

With the introduction of Named User licenses, originally with a minimum order of 500, schools who’d had 100 or more Device licenses started switching to Named licenses because the cost for the minimum order was £2075.00 – for 500 licenses.  Now the minimum order is 300 and the cost is £1,245.00.

The average student count in UK secondary schools is about 980 and, if every student in years 7-13 was assigned a license, the cost would be around £4,067.00.

Schools with K-12 Device licenses, who might require individual Creative Cloud licenses for staff, will benefit from being able to subscribe at the lower price band the K-12 licenses entitle them to.

Renewing at the end of 12 months

You will not receive a bill out of the blue. Creative Cloud licenses run for 12 months. A few weeks before your anniversary date Entec will contact you and, if you wish to renew, we will organise this for you and invoice you for a further 12 months. Subject to any fluctuations from Adobe the cost to renew will be similar to the previous year. You get 30 days grace at the end of the twelve months to give sufficient time to renew, after which the software will stop working.

 If you need any further information please call us on 01462 499 599 or email