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Adobe Creative Cloud for teams All Apps

Adobe License Type : Level 4 100+
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Adobe Creative Cloud for teams All Apps

Adobe License Type : Named License Level 1 (1- 9 Licenses)

Win / Mac

Types of Adobe Creative Cloud license:

Shared Device License.These can be installed on one device. Can be installed on an office computer that might be shared by a number of users. Give access to the free fonts at (currently 179 font families). Users are able to login to use the software on entitled devices. Shared Device License applications are 2019versions and will continue to be updated.

Named License. They are assigned to a User. They include Cloud Services and for the All Apps license access to all Adobe fonts available at (currently 1654 font families). Named licenses can be installed on a single user’s desktop and the same user’s laptop (often translated by non-profit organisations to home computer). This could be two laptops or two desktops, one could be a PC and the other a Mac. Named License applications are current versions and will continue to be updated.

With all Creative Cloud licenses the software is installed on the computer; you do not need to be connected to the internet to use the applications.

Please find above (Additional Information button) Adobe’s overview of Named and Shared Device All Apps licenses. Please substitute references to "education” with"Charity/NfP” and ignore references to the US-only Student use only option.

Adobe License Type  Price   
Level 1 1 - 9  £352.99 Details Buy
Level 2 10 - 49  £311.95 Details Buy
Level 3 50 - 99  £266.95 Details Buy
Level 4 100+  £211.03 Details Buy