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Many thanks indeed for posting the Photoshop Elements software to us on a stick, received today. The programme has now been successfully uploaded, activated, and is presently updating to the latest 2021 version. I will get your account settled over the weekend. Your help much appreciated.

Michael Jordan, The Fungus Conservation Trust

December 2020

My thanks for a prompt service- much appreciated.

Joseph Sabien, Sea Sanctuary

December 2020

This is great. Really helpful. Thanks again, Ian!

Tony Evans, Creative & Cultural Skills

October 2020

Since I emailed you earlier the account has updated and I am installing Photoshop at this very moment! Thanks again for your help.

Valerie Norris, Dundee Contemporary Arts

September 2020

All looks great! Can we go ahead please? Thanks again for your help!

Graeme Strawhorn, Ayrshire Hospice

September 2020

Thank you so much for your very useful email.

Giovanni Gaetani, Humanists International

September 2020

Brilliant, thanks very much Jamie and thanks for the birthday wishes. I'm sure Róisín will love the software.

Sioban Wynne-Fenton

August 2020

Thx Ian for chasing this up for us. All good now.

Bala, Skills Enterprise

July 2020

Lovely! Thanks again Ian.

Joe Leslie, Senior IT Associate. Ambition Institute

July 2020

I’ve just noticed that you were able to supply me with the earlier licence at an earlier price, thank you, I really appreciate that!

Also, thank you to Ian for talking me through the download process earlier this afternoon. It seems to be working now.

Tom Wakeley, Vocal Coach, RADA

July 2020

Thanks that's great

School Business Leader, Collingwood School and Media Arts College

June 2020

That’s great. Thanks Ian.

John Bartlett, Great Stave

June 2020

Very many thanks indeed for all your help securing this licence.


May 2020

Nice work Ian! Thanks!

Jonathan Hutchison, Douglas Stewart Edu

Mar 2020

All sorted out now, installed and working great. Thanks for your help.


Feb 2020

Thanks for all your help with this, we would like to go ahead with a whole school site license please.

Karen Peachey, Sherrier C of E Primary School

Feb 2020

Thank you for this and will get our finance office in touch to order.

Chris Williams, Ysgol Friars

Feb 2020

Many thanks for your response.

Clare Rogers, Little Chalfont Primary School

Jan 2020

Thanks for this insight into the licensing and payment arrangements - this makes perfect sense to us all here, and we’d like to move ahead please.

David Turner, Consulting to The BGCA Charity

Nov 2019

Thanks so much for the information. I've just been to your online store, ordered and paid.

Exeter University

Oct 2019

Thats great - thanks for your help Ian.


Oct 2019

Thank you for your precise response - much appreciated.

Oct 2019

Ian, you’re a gentleman, thank you ever so much for doing that it’s a great help! If we need anything else we will certainly be in touch.

Holy Trinity Catholic School

Aug 2019

Thank you so much Jamie!

Marie Stopes International

Aug 2019

Thank you for the quick reply! We'd like to add it as a fourth Creative Cloud All Apps Named License, please.

Humanists UK

Apr 2019

That’s great, it’s successfully downloaded and installed.

London Philharmonic Orchestra

Apr 2019

Thanks for the prompt, I’ve just set it up and I’m downloading InDesign right now – thanks again for such great customer service!

Creative & Cultural Skills

Apr 2019

Thank you Sharon! We will keep you in mind for sure, you guys never failed us. Thank you for everything!

Capstone Church

Apr 2019

Fabulous - I will let you know when it arrives and am sure the whole school will enjoy it! 

Sandra Schwarzer 

Mar 2019

…. thank you again for the excellent service.  Many Thanks,

Joe Leslie, Ambition School Leadership

Jan 2019


Thanks very much – that’s all clear….  Thank you for taking the time to explain.

Frances, London Philharmonic Orchestra

Thank you Belinda.  Great service and happy to work with you.

Ghamdan, SABA Relief

That’s really helpful of you to be transparent on the costs.

Sarah Harmer , Streatham & Clapham High School

Thank you so much for this and for your understanding. I will be in touch with you early next week.

Sarah Halsey, Providence Row

Many thanks, this helped me to resolve the problem. Office is up and running OK now,

Mike, Nepal Leprosy Trust

Thank-you so much for all your help! So pleased as it means the new system being developed can go ahead!

Emma-Kay Dominey-Hill, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS FoundationTrust

Thank you that’s very helpful.

Trish Hibbert, British Acoustic Neuroma Association

Thank you for your very persistent investigations for Music / Sound editing software for me.  Thanks so much for all of your efforts for me regarding this.

Tony Allen.

Thank you so much for all your help! The software is installed and my students are loving it already!

Rob, The Hemel Hempstead School

Thank you very much for all of this information that is great!  You were super helpful on the phone today and I now know exactly what would be best for Rowan and hopefully I will be able to go forward with it.

Hetti Wood, Rowan

This all looks good. Thank you for your prompt reply.


Scottish Health Innovations Ltd

Many thanks for your email….. I'd like to proceed with the order.  Thanks for all your help, I really appreciate it 😊

Andrew Smith, Coventry Hospital Radio

…. Many thanks for all your help and time.

Marcus, British Pigs

Thank you for your timely response, much appreciated!

Andreea Bordei, Youth Business International

Thank you so much you and Ian have been a great help and support!

Debbie Figures Scottish Womens Convention

Great! Thanks a lot for your support 😊

Giovanni Ragusa, Corel

Real people.  That's pretty rare, so good to know!.... Thanks for your help.  It is much appreciated!

Paul Trotman

Thank you very much for you quick response on this.

Naz Bhowarkhan Barnardo's

Many thanks for your super speedy service….. Many thanks for your help.

Rebecca Farr, Volac

Thank you for your swift response.

Leigh Jones

British School of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Brilliant, cheers Jamie. Have a nice weekend.

Joe Limmer, Christie’s Education

…thank you so much for all the information, it has helped clarify the licence costs (much better than the 30 minutes I spent talking to Adobe! They didn’t even mention the K-12 Site Licence!)……Thank you so much again,

Rosanna, Keith Grammar School

Thank you so much for such a quick response….. Thanks again for being so helpful.

Melonie Cozens, Lakeside School

Thank you very much for such a thorough email, that’s extremely helpful.

Dan Jolliffe, New Life Church Milton Keynes

Thank you for taking the trouble to respond so quickly to me :)

Tim, Esperanto Association of Britain

Brilliant!  I really appreciate your assistance and thank you for chasing this.

Colin, Colin Watson Consultancy

Thank you so much for this and for providing such a wonderful service to the charity sector.

Yeshe Zangmo, ROKPA UK Overseas Projects

Thanks again for your work, you are invaluable.

Davide Zari, ASD Anastasiya Ballet School


Maureen Hirst

Thanks Ian, I eventually figured it out and have it installed. Thanks for your help.

Mike Farrow, Bell Street United Church

Many thanks for your rapid response

Martin Johnson, St. Peter's Independent School

The registration/activation was a breeze.  Thank you for all your help.

Felix Rodrigues

THANK YOU very much for your prompt reply.

Judith, Beth Jacob Seminary

Thank you to you and Ian for such a quick response. Yes please, go ahead with the order…Many thanks for your help,

Lesley Pinder, 1A Arts,

Appreciate your concern for keeping the cost down. It makes a refreshing change to normal retail stores!

Graham Bowes

Thank you very much for your comprehensive explanation.

Jenny Holdsworth, Science Projects Limited

Thank you for you kind words….. Robyn is still here and she knows how good you all are – good luck, keep up the good work.

Glyn Jackson, Festival Drayton Centre

Thank you very much for all your effort much appreciated.

Lee Hanson, Hasmonean High School

Thank you for your prompt and helpful response,…..

Dr Angela Ayios, Brunel Business School

Thank you very much Ian!  Much appreciate your help.

Bernadette Scott, Carers Network

This is a short testimonial to say thank you for the quick and efficient manner that Entec provide their service and help.  A special thanks has to go to Belinda Gee who put up with my hundred and one questions and still managed to laugh at the end.  This a company I would recommend to everyone. Thanks again Neil.

Neil Richardson

Thank you very much for your prompt and kind reply.

Sari Siilin

Thank you so much Ian, that's brilliant!

Lesley Pinder, 1A Arts,

Couldn't have asked for a more thorough, detailed and helpful email. Thanks Ian, I'll be in touch.

James Beatt, New Life Croydon

Thank you so much for all these costings. They are incredibly useful for our funding application (and also for making us think about exactly what our needs are here!).  I really appreciate all of the help and advice you have been giving us.

Lesley Pinder, 1A Arts

Thanks again for all your work here. Saved us a lot of money.

Mark Thomas, Bedwas High School 

Thanks Ian, this is really helpful.

Matthew Donovan, Novalis Trust

You are a star!  “Entec is a superb company to deal with, they deliver prompt honest service and great products – thank you.”

Glyn Jackson, Festival Drayton Centre

Thanks very much for this, it’s very thorough!  Thanks very much for your time on this.

Ken Sayers

Queen Elizabeth’s School

Just a note to thank you both so much for your time and patience yesterday with my enquiry - a great example of how to listen and assist, so often lacking nowadays!

Timothy Rice

Great - thank you very much for the quick reply! Your email was far, far more useful than an hour spend on the Adobe site :-) I found you by googling something along the lines of 'adobe creative cloud non-profit reseller'.

Andrew West, British Humanist Association

Thanks very much for your efforts - I can't find anything that needs correction, so please action the order.  (I wondered whether you would need the charity registration number, which I didn't know, but you seem to know where to get that, as well as finding the Church website for contact information - Well done !).

Dave Chappell

St James Church

Thank you for your email……You have been most helpful.

Andrena Law, London Learning Consortium

Thank you for your help, you’ve been most helpful.

Mel Balfour, Newfield School

At last… thanks to yourself and Belinda for your helping chase this down…

Adrian Hayes, Norton Junior School

Many thanks to you for once more a prompt, helpful and efficient service.

Peter Hurter

United Reformed Church

Thank you for quick work on that – as usual

Charles Mackenzie, SACU Office Manager

I cannot thank you enough for this, what amazing service……

Sue O’Shea

Thanks again for all of your help and assistance getting this sorted out.

Martin Bassett, British Institute of Facilities Management