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Adobe to reduce entry point for Level 2 Creative Cloud prices

Adobe to reduce entry point for Level 2 Creative Cloud prices

Adobe have announced that they intend to reduce the entry level for the lower price Level 2 licenses for Creative Cloud for Education, Charities and Not for Profit organisations.  The date suggested when this will occur is 3 April 2017 though this is not certain.  We await the April price list!

The up to 14% reduction in annual cost for entering Level 2 pricing currently starts when you have subscribed to the 50th license.  The new entry point will be the 10th license.

Any customers considering adding a subscription, where their new total license count might be 10 or more, could benefit from holding off adding the license until 3 April.

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Adobe have just confirmed that the new April price list includes the new Levels. Level 2 for education and charities will now start at 10 licenses. Good news!
Posted By: Ian Brown, Entec Novare - 30 Mar 2017 13:20

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