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Adobe confirm reductions to entry points for Creative Cloud price bands

The 4 price bands Adobe offer for Creative Cloud licenses - operated via their VIP license scheme - have had their entry points reduced:
Level 1 1 - 9
Level 2 10 - 49
Level 3 50 - 99
Level 4 100+

The reduction in cost between Level 1 and 2 is about 12%

Level 1 used to be 1-49 licenses and Level 2 50-99 licenses and many customers fell into Level 1.  Now many will automatically fall into Level 2 and will benefit both when adding licenses because they will get the lower price available in Level 2 and, when they renew, they will automatically be switched to Level 2 and their costs will drop from Level 1 to Level 2.  Entec will let you know prior to renewal what your Level will b.  In the first few days of this Adobe change we have already seen customers save money.
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CorelDRAW 2017 released

Education and charity prices remain the same as CorelDRAW X8.  Although it's easy to be cynical about new versions of software and their new feature CorelDRAW 2017 does have some that caught my eye.  As someone who often sketches plans for DIY, bit of cars, etc. I particularly like the LiveSketch tool.  Described by Corel as "a revolutionary new tool based on the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Free form sketching converts into precise vector curves on a touch-enabled device."  Take a closer look at:
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Adobe to reduce entry point for Level 2 Creative Cloud prices

Adobe to reduce entry point for Level 2 Creative Cloud prices

Adobe have announced that they intend to reduce the entry level for the lower price Level 2 licenses for Creative Cloud for Education, Charities and Not for Profit organisations.  The date suggested when this will occur is 3 April 2017 though this is not certain.  We await the April price list!

The up to 14% reduction in annual cost for entering Level 2 pricing currently starts when you have subscribed to the 50th license.  The new entry point will be the 10th license.

Any customers considering adding a subscription, where their new total license count might be 10 or more, could benefit from holding off adding the license until 3 April.

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QuarkXPress 2017 coming soon

QuarkXPress 2017 coming soonQuarkXPress 2017 is coming soon (some time "in the second quarter").  You will be able to create responsive HTML5 publications as well as "unlimited”* single iOS apps, introduce new graphics and image editing capabilities, enhance and extend text and typography features and incorporate "Wish list” features requested by our users. Critically for many it will still be available as a perpetual license.

Commercial, Government and Not for Profit can purchase 2016 now and will get 2017 free (Quark 
terms and conditions).  This offer does not extend to education purchases.

Special Offer
QuarkXPress 2016 Education Single User license reduced from £69 to £59.
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