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Plotagon Education/Charity/Not for Profit

Plotagon : 1 - 4 Seat Annual License, per user
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Plotagon Education/Charity/Not for Profit



Plotagon is the award-winning annual subscriptioneducational software that allows students to create instant animated videos simply by typing.

Students can create their own characters, choose scenes, write dialogue, add emotions, sound effects and actions. Then make their movies come to life!

Renewing at the end of 12 months
You will not receive a bill out of the blue. Plotagon licenses run for 12months. A few weeks before your renewal date Entec will contact you and, if you wish to renew, we will organise this for you and invoice you for a further 12 months. Subject to any fluctuations from Plotagon the cost to renew will be the same as for the previous year.


Plotagon  Price   
1 - 4 Seat Annual License, per user  33.65 Details Buy
5 Seat Annual License  67.40 Details Buy
30 Seat Annual License  84.27 Details Buy
100 Seat Annual License  275.52 Details Buy
1000 Seat Annual License  2,489.29 Details Buy
10000 Seat Annual License  19,327.61 Details Buy