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Camtasia 9 Educational Download License

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Camtasia 9 Educational Download License

TechSmith solutions can help improve teaching, the quality of lessons for students and make the shift to online teaching easy.

Camtasia allows you to create and share videos. To edit, and share a video with a series of essential skills and techniques. Tutorials are available to get started with the essentials or to go further with advanced tutorials.

Record lessons & presentations

  • Students can rewatch the class making revising easier.
  • Make them available for students in advance so they can go through the material beforehand.

Add links to the video 

  • Further material helps students understand better.

Add quizzes & questions to videos

  • Students can check if they understand the topic and go back to the parts they need to work on.


Camtasia Licence (price per user)  Price   
Download  129.30 Details Buy
5-9 Users  124.13 Details Buy
10-14 Users  120.25 Details Buy
15-24 Users  116.36 Details Buy
25-49 Users  107.32 Details Buy
50-99 Users  103.44 Details Buy
100-199 Users  96.98 Details Buy