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Creative Cloud for Teams All Apps

Adobe License Type : Device License Level 1 (1 - 9 Licenses)
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Creative Cloud for Teams All Apps

Creative Cloud All Apps Licenses

There are two types of Adobe Creative Cloud license:

Named licenses

provide all cloud services. They can be installed on a single user's desktop and the same user's laptop (often translated by non-profit organisations to home computer). These can be Macs, PCs or a mix.

Device licenses

do not have to be linked to an individual with a personal login; they are installed on a device. Device licenses do not include cloud services and may only be installed on one device. With both the software sits on the user's computer. You don't need to be connected to the internet to use Creative Cloud applications.

With Creative Cloud, you get the latest features as soon as they're released. A frictionless workflow between desktop and mobile. New Adobe mobile apps extend the power of your desktop apps to your devices and tightly integrate with them to help your team members be creative anywhere. Plus, new services like Creative Cloud Libraries enable a seamless workflow so team members can create across desktops and device. Lower up-front costs, reduce compliance concerns, and ensure that you always have the most up-to-date tools.
The Admin Console makes it easy for IT to add or reassign seats anytime with just a few clicks. Billing catches up at your next payment cycle. Deploy apps and updates your way-either handle it centrally or let users install as needed. Users can start downloading and using apps immediately.
Secure cloud storage and team collaboration. Get 100GB per user of secure cloud-based storage to collaborate and share files and folders-all accessible from your desktop, smartphone, or tablet. Maintain version control, stay on top of changes, and collaborate more seamlessly.
Training for success. Creative Cloud for teams includes access to hundreds of video tutorials for a range of skill levels. Users can view them in a browser, on an iPad, or even in desktop apps like Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC to get the know-how they need for the project at hand.
Adobe License Type  Price   
Named License Level 1 (1- 9 Licenses)  352.99 Details Buy
Device License Level 1 (1 - 9 Licenses)  276.90 Details Buy
Named License Level 2 (10-49 Licenses)  311.24 Details Buy
Device License Level 2 (10-49 Licenses)  245.04 Details Buy